Through unusual, bizarre and surreal bodies, my work focuses on the issues of transformation, identity, sense of belonging, self perception and dreams, linking the actual world to a mythological and ancestral universe. I work with the idea of an unconventional beauty as a way of reflection about human values, suggesting different reactions and emotions, and the possibility to question our perceptions.

As an artist, I think that the most important task of art is to provoke new feelings and ideas, and finally evoke a change in the viewer. I mainly use sculpture because it is an immediate and direct language without abstraction or synthesis. The sculpture is inevitably honest, solid, hides nothing; It is a perfect tool for self-knowledge and for knowing each other, displaying the ability to contact with yourself.

Francesca Dalla Benetta

City where studio is located: Mexico City
Country: México
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Instagram: @fdb_artist
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Twitter: @fdb_artist

Francesca Dalla Benetta Cuore Resin and Inks 10” x 15” x 9.5” | 2014