I was born and lived in Zimbabwe, Africa before moving to the UK in 2003, and have lived on the Isle of Wight since 2011. Texture and quality of line are the elements that hold the greatest interest for me; paint properties sometimes range from being very thin washes to extremely thick impasto. I remain fascinated by the idea that bits of paint smeared on canvas or paper can generate such illusion. I continue to explore ways to link abstract and realistic painting approaches – both are there and help to form a tension within the work. A kind of contradiction like “the rain before it falls”
Brenda Ullrich

My studio is on the Isle of Wight, UK (no city near me!!)
Website: www.brendaullrich.com

girl-on-the-steps-brenda-ullrich               Girl On The Steps is a painting by Brenda Ullrich, October 5th, 2016.